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Located in Damansara Heights, this concrete masterpiece has been designed to embrace the lush jungle that surrounds it. Extravagant in size and standing in striking contrast with its neighbors, this four-bedroom home was built in 2013 and featured in Robert Powell's book entitled “The Tropical Malaysian House”.


The patination of the façade of the house was so brilliantly done that has created a piece of art for this house.


“The result is a magical piece of residential architecture from the experience of entering the house through a heavy steel door with a metal counterbalance, crossing a narrow concrete bridge to a contemporary serambi, and progressing via a side-lit corridor and a delicate steel sculptural screen to the open plan living area and a sudden glorious explosion of light, air and beyond a luxuriant wooded alley. The route through the house is choreographed with immense skill to delay the impact of the double-height outdoor living space and then to reveal it all with a grand gesture. The contrast between the quiet house entrance and the garden room is dramatic – the architectural equivalent of musical composition with a gentle beginning building up to an exhilarating crescendo. The play of light through the concrete brise-soleil adds to the experience and beyond a sparkling green swimming pool, the terrain drops sharply to a deep valley – a surviving remnant of the rainforest. Brilliant stuff.”

The house as described by Robert Powell in his book entitled “The Tropical Malaysian House”

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